The industry is full of such apps that convert your unlimited images into one single pdf. Such apps are known as pdf maker apps. As I said, the industry is complete. You can try one by one to get the best app, but you can get the best apps for your purpose if you read this article. So be ready & keep tuned with us to get such amazing apps.

  • List of Best Free Pdf Maker Apps:


Its interface, preview & features judge every app. Let’s move forward & see all its features. So here, I’m not marketing any app. I’m sharing my own experience with these apps. This is a quick app that covers all your selected images in pdf format.

Here’s a list of all the main features of this app.

  • Offline mode is available.
  • Save pdf with the protection of your custom passwords.
  • Add custom margin as per your requirement.
  • You can compress images as you need.
  • You can edit, rotate, and resize images quickly.
  • You can directly share, print, and can delete the files.
  • You can send & share images using another that can add quickly to the file.
  • You can make a pdf of PNG as well as JPEG images.
  • You can easily convert your text file into a pdf with one click.
  • Easy & quick conversion of thousands of images in 1 file. 
  • All pdfs that you create are saved without a watermark.
  • No registration, no login required to use premium features.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Download for free 


The world’s best app that provides you with all-in-one attributes. You can also say it is a world all-rounder app. Just see all the functions.


  • You can scan & digitize all types of paper like notes, receipts, papers, cards,all-in-one certificates, etc.
  • Quick analysis & auto-crop. You can manage your graphic & text with various variants.
  • You can easily extract text from any image using OCR (optical character recognition) feature.
  • After scanning, optimizing, you can share pdf, jpeg, png, txt, or any other file type with one click.
  • Instant printing availability provided by camscanner.
  • You can quickly fax any file or document in 30 countries using this app.
  • You can search any existing document using this app.
  • Quick QR code.
  • Also, have many other features that you must know after using this app.


When you buy any plan, then you’ll get the following extra features.

  • OCR> direct image to word or excel converter.
  • Download pdf files into a web app easily.
  • Share documents using generated links by the app.
  • You can add 40 other people who can access this app & use all features.
  • You’ll receive 10GB extra space via 3rd party.
  • Quick identity card scanning mode.
  • No ads & watermark.
  • E signature facility.
  • Make a single pdf file by combining two files. 
  • You can scan books using book scan mode.

This is all about the cam scanner. Just go & download in 1 click.


Tap scanner app is a straightforward app that scans via a camera that provides you with a high-quality pdf. See all the features of the tap scanner.

·   You can scan documents, cards, and QR codes.

·   Quick make pdf 

·   After taking an image, it automatically detects borders.

·   Add a perfect image by using the different filters. Many built-in filters help you to make pdf well.

·   Manage your documents easily in seconds.

·   Use png & jpeg images to get the high resolution of the page.

·   Make an account & sign in, save your documents for future use.

·   You can take backup using 3rd party apps like google drive, dropbox, mega, etc.

·   Quick scan & send via email.

·   Switch to dark & light mode.

That’s all about this app. You can also explore more features by installing & using this app. Also, inform us, we’ll update. Try it, best of luck.


Before covid, there is no rush of such apps. Before covid, every developer makes fake apps that distract the user. These apps are the best that I’ve used for a long time. One thing one must say to you is that please when you download & use any app if it provides you with a good experience, you must review it with developers to feel better. In this way, we can get an authentic app for our future.

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