To manage any WordPress website you need the best plugin for this purpose. Especially for an eCommerce website, you need the following plugins. Your site must contain these plugins if you want to make you perfect from all sides. Let’s get started & discuss one by one.


The best plugin for e-commerce solutions. This is free, easy to use, and provided by the global community.

If you’re an eCommerce store then you must use this free plugin that has the following features & can do these tasks.

·        Create beautiful, eye-catching & professional storefronts with themes that are perfect for your brand.

·        Create & customize products pages.

·        Make custom configurations, showcases as well as designs

·        Add an instant download option.

·        Add affiliate products quickly in a single click.

·        Add booking, membership, accounts.

·        Add multi prices for a single product as well as pages or categories.

·        Built-in seo performances that help you to rank.

Some built-in tools that you must know before using this free plugin.

·        Easily manage payments of your store.

·        Accept payments via cards, mobile wallet, bank account, and cash

·        100+ integration methods.

·        Easily configuration of shipping. Instant shipping when you receive the order.

·        Add wide delivery rules, days, tax easily.

·        Built-in tax addition, that helps customers.

Why do people love it?

People love it due to following reasons:

·        Filter, modify, add products In a single click.

·        Different & secure integrations via API keys like Convert.

·        Bulk custom designs for different blocks.

·        Light plugin that does not take much loading time.

·        SEO friendly.

Blocks provided by this plugin:

·         Brand new products

·        On sale

·        Category

·        All kinds of reviews

·        Individual reviews by the product, category

·        Products filtration by attributes

·        Search any product quickly

·        Find product by category, list, search, price

·        Best products

·        All in one feature.


The 2nd biggest e-commerce management plugin that allows you to scale your e-commerce store. You can get quick updates using the following link:

let’s discuss the features of the BigCommerce free plugin:

·        It’s something different plugin. If you use woo-commerce or another plugin then you must be familiar with the changes in this plugin.

·        You can limit the customization of WordPress by adding this plugin.

·        It allows you to create complex catalogs, manage a large amount of traffic.

·        It facilitates you to handle unlimited orders and their analytics.

·        It allows users to sign in, shipping, returns, and gifts.

·        It provides you with a complete history of your orders. You can save for a lifetime.

·        It doesn’t affect the speed of your site. It is seo friendly plugin that makes you happy.

·        Big-commerce has 65 payment gateways that you can integrate easily. It’s available, reaching 100+ countries plus 250 local payment methods.

·        It allows the addition of 600 SKUs per product.

·        Fully user-friendly that didn’t distract the user.

·        There are no transaction charges that are detected by big commerce.

·        It provides amazing features in the shopping cart.

·        It supports a full amp version with your site.

·        Also see the rating of the plugin.

·        Use & explore the features of this plugin. Must inform us.

WP Shopify

The 3rd best-growing plugin that you help to manage your eCommerce store. Like other plugins this plugin contains also the best features; you can do the following tasks using this plugin:

·       Add a custom products page that can be built by any page builder.

·       Add any shortcodes like any form or another.

·       Best feature is you can link with your Shopify store easily.

·       You can get the excel cart experience by using this plugin.

·       This plugin provides you with an auto syncing feature. This is the best one because it scans & shows issues if any.

·       You can add a fixed card tab that provides you extra look for users.

·        Products can be filtered in one click by using this plugin. Most eCommerce plugins have this feature.

·       You can add different types of dropdowns to get a better user experience.

·       You can search for any product using its name.

·       Image editing, it’s the built-in feature that only a few plugins have.

·       You can range the prices of your products on product pages.

·       If you didn’t have any product on your e-commerce site then this plugin displays stock notice.

·       When any product is sold out it shows a sale out popup message.

Pro features:

After investing a small amount & purchasing this plugin you need to know the following extra amazing features.

·       You can add Different button styles according to your interest.

·       You can add a conditional cart loading that brings the excel user experience to the site.

·       You can add your custom PHP templates using the pro version. This is for high class developers or who have a store like daraz etc.

·       You can easily scan your products by collections.

·       It also provides the feature of cross-domain tracking.

·       You can zoom in & zoom out any Image using pro features.

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