In this article, we will discuss the Snack video App. What is the Snack video app, and how can we earn money from the Snack video app? Snack video is an app that has a resemblance with the TikTok video app. But when we use the snack video app, we can earn money. But this function is not available in the TikTok video app. When we video on the snack video app, we use background music on our video; we can also use any film dialogue as background music. Now we start with how we can earn money on snack video apps? 

How do we download and use the snack video app?

Before using the snack video app, we need to download the snack video app from the play store or Google chrome. We can now download the snack video app from the play store or Google chrome by using some points given below.

First of all, you can go to Google chrome or the play store app.

Here searches for the snack video app.

Now you can see the snack video app, and here below the side, you can see an option to download this app. Click on this option or button and download it. After downloading now, you can install the snack video app. After installing it, you can use it on your mobile phone. And now you can watch a video on it. But to upload your video on the snack app, you need to create your account on the snack app. you can create your account by following these steps, which are bellowed.

How do we make an account on the snack video app?

We can make our snack video account by two methods. First, you have the option to log in with a Facebook account, and second is you can log in with a Google account. When we it Login with a Facebook account, we enter our Facebook Email ID and password. And when we log in with a Google account, we click on Google account, and which Google account is used in our mobile, it automatically logged in. The account is necessary to earn money.

How do we bind code to earn more coins and money?

After Login with the snack video, we need to bind it with another user account to earn more coins and money. So we see an option of “input invitation code “here; you need a code. This code you get from another user will send you on WhatsApp. So, you copy this code and paste it in the “invitation code option,” and after you know you can be attached with another user account and in this way, you bind with another account, and you can now get more cones on it.

How do we earn more money from the snack app?

The most exciting thing about the snack app is that we earn money from them by watching videos and have many other snack video methods to earn money, which are all given below.

Sign up reward

Daily reward

From new user

Invite friend

Earn money from sponsorship

By product selling

Sign up reward

When we sign up with the snack video app, we get 200 coins converted into Pakistani rupees after 24 hours. And after signing up, you can watch the video, like, comment, and share the video with others, and when we do it, we also get more coins.

Daily reward

The other method to earn money from the snack video app is a daily reward. It means if we check the daily snack video app, we get more coins and money.

Invite friend

The essential method to make money in snack videos is to invite friends. In this method, we invite a friend by sharing the link to the snack video app, and when this person downloads the snack video app and enters the invitation code, and binds with us, we get 28 Pakistani rupees. And when this person watches a video on a snack app daily for 15 minutes, we also get increased coins on this app. If we invite people daily, almost 100, then we get almost 2800 Rs from invite friends. And after watching videos by these people, we also get more coins, and we almost daily earn up to 5000 Rs. And all the above methods are used to earn money from snack apps.

How do we draw money from the snack app?

Go to the snack video setting option, click on it, and after that, you can see the phone number option. Here enter your jazz cash or manageable paisa account number, and in this way, you get money in your account.


This article gives you complete details about how it works and how we earn money from this app using different methods. And how do we withdraw money from this app? So please share this app on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other different platforms to get money from it. This app was very beneficial in those days, especially in covid-19. And for those people who are jobless.  

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