People seek many ways to make money online. Mostly the job holders, especially teachers, are affected by this situation and are seeking a way to teach and earn. In this situation, only the person who is aware of the world of the internet is successful. Because this is new for those who joined in covid. A complete change from the physical to the online world. So, in this situation, people started seeking ways to teach online and want to make money online.

Most people seek a short way to make money online but they don’t know that there’s no short way to make money online in the online world. Short ways didn’t give you a long time. This is the main reason for the majority of our people that they seek such ways. There’s no such way that you can make money easily. You have to work on a specific skill that gives you passive income to enjoy your life.

So, in this article, I’ll share with you the best online teaching website where you can teach and make money online easily. Just read the full article and follow all the instructions step by step.

Online teaching website:

I’ve worked on many sites and have a dream to make money online from those sites. But I wasted all of my time and got a new site that is known as REPLY ( This site has amazing features that encourage us to make money online from this site. Let’s discuss all the features of the properly to work on it and make money online. A MacBook with lines of code on its screen on a busy desk

About Preply:

Before we move on let’s discuss the reply. Preply came into being in 2012 as a new online teaching market in the world. The owners started working hard on it to grab all the latest features in it. After a period of 2 years, Preply gained its first achievement and got 3000 tutors from 58 countries. When it gained this step and advertised with previous results, people started paying attention to it. In 2016, it gained a talented crowd of 1.3 million from all over the world. People take services from this site and pay for it as in all freelance marketplaces. Now the team of preply published the word ‘GAME CHANGER’ in many national and international newspapers and got more people to like it. After 2016, people stared at this site and started making accounts and selling their services.

In 2018, this growth goes up to 7x from 2016. A horrible blast in the freelance industry that no one can define. Now in the current year, the total population of preply is around 35M. That’s an amazing hookup of this site.

This is the small success story of preply that helps to trust it and work. Now it’s time to discuss all the features of preply and how you can work on it and make money online.

How to work on preply?

Make Account:

You need the following to make an account on preply:

·      Resume/CV

·      A short video of introduction (A complete info of you and your profession)

To work on preply as a tutor, you need to make an account on as an official site of preply. Here it will ask to make an account as a tutor or student. You have to choose as a tutor. Now all the steps are the basics. Just fill in all the required information and complete it. You’ve to set your charges per hour. You can add according to your specification but remember that it must not be high to get an order.silhouette of man illustration


After making an account, you’ve to profile and describe what you can teach. This thing helps your visitor to engage and hire you. You can make any service of what you can teach. But you must be proficient in that field.woman holding silver iPhone 6

Here people see your profile and contact you to discuss what they need. Your profile must be like a professional to impress the student. After that they contact you and you’ve to discuss and satisfy all of their requirements. Also, discuss the budget with the student.

In this way, you can start making money online by teaching.


I tried to explain the method of making money online by teaching. Please follow and start earning money online. This is not the game of one day. You must have to spend time on it so that you can make a passive income from the preply.

I also mention why people fail to get work from this site. The main reason is that all tutors want a quick way to make money from this site but the fact is the opposite. Here you’ve to wait and give him proper time to get money.

At start obviously,then you face the difficulty of not getting anyone to talk, teach and earn. To get an order, you’ve to join online teaching groups on social media. People see your service and get you on your account. In this way, you can make money online by teaching.

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