Nowadays everyone has a website but how can they make money with a website? I’m also seeking such ways in the beginning but I’m aware of such ways. You can earn money by selling digital products on your site. Here we discuss what we can sell on a website.

Make a Blog:

Starting a blog on a specific niche/category is the best way to make passive income. To start a blog you need to spend time selecting your niche. You need to choose the micro-niche. For choosing a micro-niche you need to do homework on keyword research. This research starts from choosing your domain name from 1 domain name to articles. This is the important homework that must be done to start any blog. Also, your niche must be of your interest so that you must be able to write 2 to 3 blog posts daily.turned on Acer laptop on table near cup

After choosing your niche you need to start writing your articles on your blog. The next main step is to approve your domain/website from Google AdSense. When you approve your site then you focus on your content, audience, and seo.

By approving your site from Google AdSense, you start earning now. Now it’s a step that depends upon you. You’ve to gain traffic to boost your earning. In the future, you’ll gain traffic by ranking on a specific keyword, these ads give you a minimum 1000$ monthly. Again, it’s up to you how much you work & gain it. I know this process is too difficult but it’s not impossible. Just start & INSHALLAH, you’ll know what you’ve done.

Affiliate Marketing:

The 2nd best way to earn money from websites is to sell affiliate products. Many sites provide a program of affiliate marketing like Amazon, hostinger, CJ dropshipping, Ali express, etc. You’ve to search for the best site that provides you a maximum commission on each sale.

How can you start it?

To start it, you have to find the best affiliate source as I mentioned the condition above. After that, the site provides you with all the info about it. No, you have got an already approved blog. People visiting your site & reading your content. Go to your affiliate program & select the hot selling product and write an article on it. you need to describe & everything about the product. At the end of the article, you must give them your referral link so that people buy products through your link & you get paid on each sale.

Suppose that you have got a blog with 10k monthly traffic. From 10k, if 1000 people buy a product using your link & you’ll get 5$ on each sale then think how much you’re earning. For such sales, you need to select a trendy product. Also, you have to select a product that is relevant to your traffic. Just remember if you want to become the best affiliate marketer.

Selling Online Course:

By having a website, you can take any course online easily. There are the following steps that you need to follow if you want to sell.

·       Just find an online course/education theme.

·       Make a professional website by customizing the theme.

·       Your site must have different payment gateways as we see in any e-commerce website.

·       Your site must provide a professional look as well as a great user experience.

·       Your course must have an introduction that describes what is in your course. In other words, you can say that a full course outlines how to gain more customers to enrich you.

·       Your course must contain info in video format as well as written in a format to engage your users.

·       Your videos must have a subtitle that facilitates your user.

·       Your video quality must be high to engage that every visitor must buy your course.

·       Make a site approved by Google AdSense so that you can serve google ads to make extra income.two women talking while looking at laptop computer

 Now you are on the final stage of earning online. It’s a step to take different courses as I mentioned the strategies above by knowing your audience. In this way, you can sell any course using a single website.


The above mention ideas are so much unique. These are the ideas that you must adopt if you want to earn. There are many things I must discuss in conclusion that you must be familiar with your field. After choosing the right field, this is the time that you must invest in that field. Your success is dependent on your efforts, working as well as time. You’ve to make efforts to make it successful. Every field requires time to grow. 

If you spend your maximum effort then you can easily grow your brand in minimum time. No one in the world grows in 1 day, a month, or a year. You plan to earn for a lifetime, not for 1 day, month, or year. So, think big and take a step to make it happen. If you’ve any problem, you can discuss it with me via Fiverr or on WhatsApp.

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