The majority of the audience asked us why we need a website? The answers to all your questions are explained in this article. Suppose that if your business is on the internet or simply we say that your business is on social media with a lot of audiences then you’re missing out on growing your sales. What can you do with a website? Just read the following assumptions then think about what you are losing:

Earn through AdSense:

The 1st best benefit to have a website is to earn through Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a platform where you can monetize your website to serve ads. Suppose you have a website with 10k monthly traffic on high CPC countries as well as keywords then you can get a minimum CPC of 0.5 per ad click. AdSense deponed upon traffic as well as your selected keywords on which you optimize your content.person using macbook pro on black table

In this field, you have many options to earn with a website. See the following:

· Suppose that you have a website that contains eCommerce and you are getting nothing for sale now. Even though you have good traffic. You must have your site approved by Google AdSense. Approve your site the google AdSense shows ads on your site. This is the perfect strategy that every beginner and professional eCommerce owner uses and makes money without sales.

· Suppose that you try your best to generate sales but you didn’t get anything but your approval from Google AdSense. If your site serves then you can convert your store to a blog website. In this way, you have an alternative solution to make money with websites.

· The third best option is that you have got a single website and have approval from AdSense as well as selling products. You can make money by selling products as well as serving google ads.

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If you have a website then you must have to get approval from Google AdSense so that you earn little but constantly.   

Social Media Business:

Let’s discuss suppose that you running your business on social media with excellent daily traffic, what are you losing:

· So, as we mention above that your business survives on social media with effective or growing traffic, then you need a website. You need it because when you have got a site, they must see all of your services in just one click. On other hand, on social media people just visit your targeted posts.assorted-color social media signage

· Suppose if you run paid ads on social media, you can just target only 1 or more posts but not all posts. On the other hand, when you use google ads to run your business your user clicks on your ads and sees one post but there are 90% chances that the user must visit all your products/services.

· Best benefit of Google’s ads when you have got a site is that you can select the purpose of your ads. You can select the mode that you want to pay for when a user clicks or on impressions. Only your amount is detected when the user clicks. But on social media, you just targeted a specific audience. This is the best benefit of having a website.

Jobs Website:

The ever-best option to make money from a single website is to use your single website as a job’s website. After starting such a website, you must have to get approval from Google AdSense as a partner program to make money online. People search for jobs every time to get paid monthly. You can make your site professionally that serves international, national, govt, private, freelance as well as local jobs sections. The traffic of such sites is much higher than other sites. You can make passive income if you can make your website successful by engaging your audience by providing effective jobs.MacBook Pro on top of brown wooden table during daytime


 I must say many things before completing this article. If you have a desire to make money from a single website then you must have to follow the following advice:

· You have to post daily seo friendly content to hook up your site in google.

· Google ranks your site by calculating many of its algorithms. Posting daily is one of the best algorithms that helps you to rank.

· Share it on social media to give a single from the social side.

· All these steps are very easy but require constant work.

· You do not have to earn money for 1 day, 1 month, or a specific period. You want to take it for a long time, then must think of it as a long term.

· New Websites require time to rank and earn passive income.

· Site can never give instant money but when it starts then you see results.

The main factor to make any business or a site successful is to constantly. Continuity Is the Key to success. If you don’t have much info about what you want to post daily, please don’t start. Also, if you want to earn instantly then please don’t run your site. These two factors can ruin your life so make good research to start any website otherwise you think it is a foolish idea.

Is this article helpful? Must inform via comment so that we hook up to make such articles. 

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